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Dry powder discharge sifter sieving machine


Discharge sifters that feature: internal rotating paddle – provides energetic sifting action; easy access – hinged and interlocked doors for ease of cleaning & maintenance; high capacity – ideal for high throughput scalping and policing applications; compact design – fits into small spaces; solid flanged connections – provides dust-tight sealing; strong design – can be integrated directly into pneumatic conveying lines; de-agglomeration – energetic action breaks up soft agglomerates; single separations only.

Taking all the different aspects of the proposed process and installation into consideration, we now move to establishing the most suitable sifting technology for the specific application. Three examples are:

1) High throughput policing of flour inline in a positive pneumatic conveying system. Selection = centrifugal sifter. Why: single separation; inline pressure rated machine; ideal for high-volume scalping.

2) Multiple classification of agglomerated dairy powder. Selection = vibratory screener. Why: multiple decks for multi-separations; gentle action doesn’t degrade fragile product; no heat input into temperature-sensitive product.

3) High-volume screening of a cohesive mineral powder. Selection = tumbler screener. Why: low-frequency, high-amplitude action; three-dimensional action is efficient for screening cohesive powders; ideal for high-capacity applications; gentle action minimizes wear issues due to abrasive nature of material.

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