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Chemical Industry

Material: Calcium Carbonate, Ruber Powder, Pigment, Plastic

Capacity: 1T/H-5T/H

Mesh Size: 20-80 Mesh

Required equipment: Rotary vibrating screen, Gyratory Screen

Configuration Product

After being crushed, finely ground, and sieved, the refractory raw materials are generally stored in a storage bin for ingredients.


The big problem of powder storage in the silo is particle segregation. Because the powder particles are generally not a single particle size, but are composed of continuous coarse to fine particle sizes, but the ratio of the particle size and the particle size between various powders is different.


When the powder is discharged into the silo, the coarse and fine particles begin to layer, the fine powder is concentrated in the center of the discharge opening, and the coarse particles roll to the periphery of the silo.


When the material is discharged from the silo, the material in the middle flows out from the discharge port first, and the surrounding material drops with the material layer, and divides into the middle, and then flows out from the discharge port to cause particle segregation.

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