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Grain Seed Cleaning Vibrating Sieve Machine


Most raw materials are exported, like food crops—wheat, corn, soybeans, fruits. But development of the industry has slowed down in recent years.

New technologies are the key to success in agribusiness

Today, among the companies producing equipment for the agro-industrial sector, the Chinese manufacturer Dazhen is especially interesting. The company is one of the leaders in the development of high-tech equipment for postharvest handling of the crop.

Dazhen story is not luck or an exceptional advertising campaign, it is not a government tender or the story of a monopolist. Dazhen Group is the creation of truly new technologies for grain cleaning. Unique design solutions make Dazhen equipment suitable for use on small farms and large industrial elevators.

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Modern grain cleaners Dazhen

A closed-cycle cyclone-sedimentary complex is a combined treatment system that uses:

1. Cyclone dust collector with inertial principle of air purification from impurities. The exhaust air is directed at an angle, as a result, the polluted air is cleaned, and the debris settles in the lower part of the chamber and is automatically removed under air pressure through special trays.

2. A special labyrinth duct system with sharp changes in its cross section. Two or three turns 180 per cent deposit a significant amount of dust.

3. System for changing the flow area of the duct. In many of its sections, the pressure is significantly reduced; dust particles change their trajectory, hit the walls of the duct and settle. The cyclone chamber allows cleaning the exhaust air by 80 per cent. In the first sediment chamber, the air is purified by about 12-15 per cent. In the second and third chambers, it is almost completely cleaned.