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Selecting the right vibrating screen sifter machine


Before we even start to look at which machine to use, we first need to consider three important factors relating to the process at hand: A) what are the material characteristics? B) What is the sieving application that we are aiming to achieve? C) How is the Sifter going to be installed into the proposed process?

As far as use and installation of the sifter, we typically need to consider factors such as: gravity installation – feed to sifter is in a free-fall condition; inline pressure installation – connected directly into a pneumatic conveying line (positive or vacuum); controlled feed of material – an external device controls the feed rate to the sifter; flood feed – the sifter needs to be capable of handling a flood-feed condition; process and environment conditions – explosive materials or environment, product and ambient temperatures, special electrical requirements, etc.

Having identified the process and installation conditions for the application, then we need to turn our attention to the selection of a suitable sifter or screener. 

Vibrating screeners that feature: flat-deck – normally round screens; multiple decks – ideal for multiple separations; vibrator motor drive – provides two-dimensional high-frequency, low-amplitude sifting; gentle vibratory action – good for friable or easily damaged materials; minimal energy input – good for temperature sensitive materials.